Entropyrian is an anonymous one man band that publishes music in varying genres that are usually somewhere between electronica and metal, starting in October 2021 because he couldn’t keep his mouth shut any longer.

Entropyrian represents a new concept that is not typically done: publish the best that comes, no matter the genre. Because most bands have multiple members, whatever each release turns out to be, it’s typically an intersection of the musical commonalities between all the band’s members. This almost always leads to a consistent sound.

Not so for the solo artist, it’s his show to run, but the results are usually the same anyway. Most solo musicians find themselves splitting their products off into alter-egos because of a traditional adherence to the idea that one name must mean one genre. The reason this stayed alive for so long is because there had to be a coherent product to sell: an album.

But no-one buys albums anymore. Today it’s all singles and streaming on demand. So why stick to the old rules?

Entropyrian doesn’t. The music can vary wildly from pop to death metal, but still retains a sameness throughout, common elements, melodies and tendencies that are the natural result of one person writing in many different styles. The best part is that Entropyrian is free to follow each composition all the way to its conclusion wherever it leads, and chase inspiration wherever it strikes. The result? More great songs. Fewer skips. Less scraping the bottom of a creative barrel to fill out an album within a rigidly defined genre.

But if there’s one commonality that ties the releases together, it’s Entropyrian’s mission: to speak up in a way that most musicians won’t. It has been dismaying to watch as every musician, every person who was supposedly a paragon of rebellion and untamability, either toed the line politically to the coastal monolithic politics of Hollywood and mass media, or took great care not to step out of line.

Entropyrian consciously steps out of line by writing music about topics and from perspectives that seem to not be allowed in mainstream media. Fuck Trump is a nu-metal track skewering the state of mind of someone with hysterical hatred for Donald Trump. Flow, via progressive metal, speaks on pop culture and its adherents tendency to enact and believe whatever manner of morality is popular, usually resulting in positions and support for things that are far removed from morality. Vae Victis is an orchestral melodic death metal track that analogizes outsourcing what you believe to someone else to being conquered by an invading force.

But making music that plants itself firmly in a heterodoxic stance against the ideological rigidity of the mainstream, while a big part of Entropyrian’s goal, is still not its primary goal. That is still to make excellent music. Great care is taken to maintain the art without letting it devolve into a sermon. To not hammer listeners over the head with the obvious and unsubtle while leaving the intrigue and entertainment to die. Not every track has a message and not every message is obvious.

Entropyrian is a project that envisions a day when musicians, and all artists, are free again. Free to pursue wherever their art leads, and to say whatever their art says.

Entropyrian is entirely self-funded and produced. If you want to get in touch, write at contact@entropyrian.com. If you want to help, you can buy Entropyrian’s tracks at Bandcamp or anywhere else you buy your music, or subscribe and share on your favorite music or video streaming platform.