Month: July 2022

Not A Person

Not A Person by Entropyrian It’s not a person they always sayIt’s not a bad thing that you’ve doneIt’s more important to have our wayThis is the best for everyone

Vae Victis

Vae Victis by Entropyrian PatheticIndolentUnconcerned with consequenceDeactivateAll defenseA mental game of Simon says Vae victisWoe to the vanquishedSurrender of a mindA light extinguishedAbility to defySurrendered forfeitAnd you’ll bowBowBow till your head hits the ground See onlyWhat is allowedSafety comesWithin the crowdNo path left to chooseNo pride left to loseSacrificed your soulTo your new god of …

newtown certified

Newtown is a non-profit organization certifying artistic products as not being beholden to the immense pressure to conform ideologically that plagues today’s art. It’s just getting started, but Entropyrian believes in the mission and is proud to have Newtown certification. I’ll let Phillipe Gosselin, creator of Newtown, explain more about it in his own words …